LeapFrog Enterprises Inc.

June 4, 2010

To whom it may concern:

For the past four and a half years I had the good fortune to work with Iona Frajman and oversee her work while she managed our creative department cost accounting systems as an independent contractor. 

Our cost accounting requirements for several million dollars of creative output for hundreds of projects was complex and outside the scope and capabilities of our corporate accounting systems.   She devised critical secondary systems for managing the thousands of individual inputs from myriad people, and the development and output of critical cost-accounting management reports.

She oversaw the accounting information workflow in the department, and ensured like clockwork the timely and accurate output of a wide range of reports useful to various stakeholders throughout the company. 

Iona’s efforts were critical to our operations. Her efforts, insights and reliable reporting allowed us to systematically find new efficiencies in our operations.  Her work was invaluable to our creative planning and development, was critical to helping measure program financial efficacies, and essential for developing comprehensive, reliable budgeting and tracking of our numerous creative development programs and projects.

Iona is creative, an insightful problem solver, and a great team player.  She is always reliable, accountable, and thoroughly self-managed.  Her accounting and related system development and management experience is extensive. She put it to good use on our behalf.  

We all much liked working with her here at Leapfrog. We are appreciative of her numerous contributions to our efforts.  While Iona’s work has wrapped up at LeapFrog, I would turn to her in an instant should we have similar accounting and related system requirements again. 

I personally will miss working with her and recommend Iona without reservation. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at: ne14skr@gmail.com or (925) 817-7849


JC Araujo
Administration Manager
LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc.