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May 28, 2010

To whom it may concern:
RE: Recommendation for Iona Frajman

I have known Iona for a number of years and found her to be an immensely talented accounting systems resource and valuable team player. I was particularly impressed when working with a client that had the need to hire an independent contractor to develop and manage a cost accounting system when they were unable to fold cost-accounting into their corporate accounting software systems.

I was responsible for finding the right resource for addressing this multimillion dollar accounting conundrum. We interviewed many individuals providing them with the details or our requirements. Iona came back with a clear, comprehensive, affordable and doable project plan that far excelled the offerings proposed by other highly recommended candidates. The decision to hire her was quick and unanimous. It proved to be a wise decision.

I was impressed with Iona’s ability to grasp a complex, accounting systems problem and quickly find a simple, straightforward, affordable approach that served my client’s needs perfectly for over four years. I was even more impressed with how well she maintained and managed the operations she devised and implemented while also servicing a number of other clients with complex needs.

Iona has the training and experience to service a broad range of accounting and accounting systems needs. She is a creative problem solver. She’s great with people and integrates well in any team. She’s a self-starter who sees what needs to be done, rolls up her sleeves and just gets in there and makes it happen. Her calm and friendly demeanor is effective and inspires confidence, always backed up by beneficial results.

I highly recommend Iona. She is a valuable resource who it is my great pleasure to know both as a colleague and friend. I offer myself as a reference for Iona to anyone who would like to further review my thoughts and recommendation.


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